A beautifully written post about salt by Kate Packwood. Lovely description of Irish Atlantic Sea Salt as well!

Artichoke & Typewriter

Salt: one of the most base and essential compounds, dialectical in nature, alchemical by design.


Salt is essential to the human body.  Too little will kill you.  Too much will kill you.  In Western society we rarely have to worry about too little. A fine balance. It can preserve, enhance, enliven, transmogrify, and yet too much can destroy.

Salt is probably the most ubiquitous element we use in cooking, and yet it is the most quietly romantic.  Beneath its populism lies its mystique and clandestine charm.  It is an ancient element, revered for thousands of years; sought after, fought over, bartered with and haggled over.  It is the Helen of Troy of the culinary world; it is at once beauty and destruction.


We are well-versed with modern medicine’s rote that salt is to blame for heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke, and yet it is the misunderstanding of our…

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About irishatlanticsalt

Gourmet Irish sea salt flakes lovingly handcrafted on the Beara Peninsula, County Cork, by Michael and Aileen O'Neill.
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