Do you have an Irish Atlantic Sea Salt story?

We’ve been on the road a lot lately at different promotional events. The fabulous Kenmare Food Carnival kick started a month of tastings and demos for the Irish Atlantic Salt Team. We were at the Eyeries Family Festival where we met with Paul Flynn and last week we were doing tastings in Tesco stores in Dublin! This week we’re off to Waterford to do tastings in Tesco stores there.

Jo-Anne,Tesco, Clarehall

Jo-Anne at Tesco in Clarehall, Dublin

We love getting out and meeting our customers (and converting new ones). What has really surprised us is how much our customers love to tell us how they use our sea salt flakes.  It’s amazing to think that our sea salt flakes end up in kitchens all across the country and our customers seem to LOVE experimenting with them…

Aileen & Paul Flynn

Aileen and Paul Flynn at the Eyeries Family Festival

One lady told us she uses our new Chilli and Paprika sea salt flakes on toasted cheese sandwiches,  totally transforming the ever dependable toastie!

Aileen & Jo-Anne Kenmare Food Carnival

Aileen & Jo-Anne at the Kenmare Food Carnival

Another dedicated user told us how he uses our plain salt flakes when roasting chicken to give the skin extra crispiness. Apparently, no other sea salt flakes give the same crispiness and taste.

And did you know that our Garlic sea salt flakes are great for giving dips and sauces an extra kick?! Our Garlic Sea Salt blended with mayonnaise is delicious and it definitely adds great flavour to an otherwise boring sauce.

So even though we are on the road telling our Irish Atlantic Sea Salt story, it seems our customers love telling us their Irish Atlantic Sea Salt story too!

Do you have an Irish Atlantic Sea Salt story to share?


About irishatlanticsalt

Gourmet Irish sea salt flakes lovingly handcrafted on the Beara Peninsula, County Cork, by Michael and Aileen O'Neill.
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